Leonardo Hidalgo

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Artist Statement

"Life inspires me. I want people to feel and see the energy in the colors, concept and techniques I use, which are the combination of acrylic paint, splashed glitter and resin, to bring out the brilliant shiny colors to life. I consider myself a high-energy painter. It is not what I paint; it is how people feel about it when they see my artwork." - Leo Hidalgo

About the Artist

Ecuadorian by birth, Leonardo Hidalgo has made the United States his home since 1990 and has embraced painting as a career ever since. Hidalgo is one of the busiest Miami-based artists whose work has attracted international acclaim and is collected worldwide. Amazingly, he doesn’t limit his mediums and is widely recognized for his eye-popping vibrant colors and glitz and glamour. He melds photography, computer graphics, pastels, paint and fabric to create his wide variety of individual art works, and his pieces create the visual memory of our popular culture.

Hidalgo lived in Arizona and attended ASU Tempe and then studied at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute. He has traveled through Europe, Asia and South America where he further cultivated his art skills. He began painting at a very young age, having been taught the technical aspects of drawing and painting by his grandmother. His sources of inspiration are traveling, famous people who have changed the world, music, Japanese culture, beautiful women, history and the magic of every day life and people.

Leonardo has been commissioned by corporate, public and private entities, including Hilary Clinton, Janine Howard, Enrique Iglesias, Dan Marino, The Convention Center of Guayaquil, The Jade Miami of Fortune International, US Open Polo, and has been the official artist of the Supercar Experience for the past four years.

Exhibits & Shows

Date: December 1st
Event Hours: 7pm-9pm

Details: Haiti Art Expo 2011 demonstrates the visionary power of Haitian visual art that has continued to command international attention. The exhibition features top works from the contemporary art master, Philippe Dodard and from Louisiane St. Fleurent, Levoy Exil, Payas, Alix Roy, Ronald Mevs, Luckner Candio and Manuel Mathieu. Upholding Haiti’s unique tradition of inspirational, Creole-themed contemporary art, these works are certain to heighten the senses through an exotic use of Caribbean colors, shapes and forms. American artists have also donated to the cause; including Pop Artist Leonardo Hidalgo, Romero Britto, Sky Farrell, and Peter T. Tunney.



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